When designing the new flagship line of Igloo Latitude Cooler, the mission was simple -fortify the Igloo brand as the world’s leading cooler manufacturer by developing the next generation product platform to celebrate everyday outings and experiences. Our goal was to create a line of rugged products for special occasions with family and friends that feels purpose built and communicates increased durability and performance.

Aggressively chiseled edges emphasize ruggedness, and the deep draw liner provides a surface for added customization and in-mold decorating, new features to the ever-growing cooler market. Layered surfaces compliment the form and visually reinforce protection and stability. The raised base elevates the underside surface, which isolates the surface and keeps contents cooler longer. The Latitude line will hold up to years of fun and is perfect for a range of outings, from tailgating to a long weekend in Moab.