Introducing the Kickr Headwind, the first purpose-built smart fan with targeted full body airflow designed for indoor cyclists to simulate the experience of open road riding. Headwind is another building block in the Wahoo ecosystem of connected indoor training equipment designed to create the ultimate indoor riding experience.

  • Wahoo Fitness
  • Product Design, UI/UX


The design team was challenged to deliver a high-performance, rugged enclosure that would be cost-effective to manufacture. Additionally, every detail on Headwind is crafted to communicate speed. Continuous chamfered edges are complimented with layered step surfaces to visually embody the harnessed power of wind. Each family member in Wahoo’s connected ecosystem has a unique visual and physical identity based on what it contributes to achieving unparalleled riding simulation. Our constant goal has been to accentuate the unique physical performance of each Wahoo product with a differentiated familial visual design to build a successful ecosystem visual language.


The Kickr Headwind also connects with other Wahoo products, such as heart rate monitors and speed sensors, to automatically simulate riding wind airflow. It can also be set to simulate a headwind or tailwind.