The Cruiser Bike Light was designed with the urban commuter in mind – USB rechargeable, 2 high output 200 lumens LED’s, and integrated side lights. When this vision came to life, paths were not only illuminated, but the 180 degree visibility instantaneously enhanced the safety of every rider. With the Cruiser, being seen isn’t just a matter of safety, it’s a matter of style.


The monocoque body design enables maximum durability and water resistance for all of your toughest rides. The slanted front bezel protects the rider from light pollution and enables a less distracting ride so you can keep your focus on what matters: the road ahead.


Mevel aims to make an affordable bike light for every type of rider so they needed a brand that was encouraging and approachable to first time riders but also trusted with experts. We drew inspiration from the front and rear light for the color palette, and paired color with fun, nature-inspired patterns. Bold typography helps express a motivational brand voice that uses short-punchy messaging to reach a broad audience.