How can sneaker toy design, enthusiasts and creatives collaborate? How can packaging reflect the collision and collaboration of these two passions? Stance is a fun line of vinyl toys that connect the art and creativity of the customizable toy community with the passion and boldness of the sneaker culture. This particular product was designed as a blank canvas for self-expression using pencil, pen, marker, paint or sculpey—all so consumers could create something meaningful.

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It was important that we recreated the anticipation and excitement of getting some new pairs of sneakers. The slide box with the prominent Stance logo, builds on that anticipation and turns it into a ceremony. The silk-screened Stance logo lettering is reminiscent of the fat writing style of the mid 90s, popular in the graffiti world. The shoe is wrapped in beautiful tissue paper, similar to a real sneaker. The paper is filled with fun creative sketches and doodles that are actually a road-map of drawings that reflect the journey of the Stance from idea to production. The drawings were pulled from the founder’s sketchbook that was kept through Stance’s journey.