The ELEMNT BOLT aerodynamic bike computer. When it comes to cycling, the journey matters. But so does the data – your distance, location, and speed are just the beginning. When Wahoo Fitness wanted to enhance the journey through design, we hopped right in the saddle. We helped design an array of fitness products and solutions that deliver exciting experiences for cyclists. The first of these products is a GPS bike computer designed to be aerodynamic – the first of it’s kind.


For performance cyclists every second counts in a race. So, we worked with Wahoo to design a computer that not only looked fast but gave them the added performance edge. The Element Bolt is designed with an integrated front mount. The result is an unbroken large smooth surface for air to slip past resulting in 50% less drag. This also meant we could design the mount and computer as one system and create a beautiful seamless profile.

Wahoo’s first worldwide release and #1 selling product.